Wooster's Early Aid Estimator

    This customized estimator tool is reserved for seniors to learn more about their eligibility for merit-based scholarships and need-based aid at Wooster.  Students: please complete the first part of the form, outlining your academic and cocurricular profile so our staff may provide an estimate of merit aid (note: test scores will not be considered for scholarship eligibility so we do not require them on this form).  As an optional next step, families can provide financial information primarily from 2020 tax return documents to receive an estimate of need-based aid.

    This estimator is designed for you to complete in one sitting —you cannot save your work and return to it later—so we encourage you to gather all requested information before completing it. 

    The Early Aid Estimator can only be completed one time and is only available to students intending to enroll in the Fall 2022 semester.  Non-U.S. citizens are not eligible to complete the estimator.